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27 March 2012 @ 01:44 am
i wrote something, here you go  
It is said that
      man begets man begets man ad nauseam.
It is said that man is a man-made machine
      Frankenstein's monster becomes Frankenstein himself.
History repeats itself constantly because 
      Hitler never learnt from Napoleon's Russian mistake
and because man is the only animal to ever trip on the same stone twice.
A man once said: man is the measure of all things.
      He was close, but not quite.
What should be said, instead is
      woman begets woman begets man begets lies.
      And all of the soldiers standing guard inside the walls of Troy turned to the prophetess and said, "We believe you!" 
History repeats itself constantly because
      warnings imparted by wise women fall on the deaf ears of men.

A man once said: man is the measure of all things.
      He was close, but not quite
for man is insomuch a measure as long as he stays in the womb
      and even then, a sexless child
confined and contained by smooth walls of its mother's will.

Someday a woman will say: none of the things measure up
      to the wonders I can hold inside of me.
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